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Thread: Add 1080p support for NDI HX app

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    Add 1080p support for NDI HX app

    Dear Newtek,

    Your NDI products are amazing! Thank you for you job. But i have feature request for iphone app.

    Currently is only SD HD and 4K resolution possible.

    And FHD - 1920x1080p is missing.

    There is concurent product called NDI Cam which cost half of your price and support 1080p. I think this s the point when you lost some customer.

    I think you can earn more money anc catch more customers by adding 1080p into your app

    Thank you!

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    Thanks for your feedback. I have passed it along to the developers. NDI Cam is different in a number of ways, not really comparable - but if it fulfills your needs, then that's great. (We appreciate third-party NDI developers very much, and they're always going to have some cool things on offer.)
    Regards, Steve
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    Hi Steve

    I too am really keen to have the 1080p option. I see back in August last year you shared that the developers had agreed to include 1080p on the "NDIHX-ios-app-features" thread. Is there any update please on when we might see this feature. Or is there something in the iOS camera API that makes this tricky? Really hoping you can make the change for us. It's a big leap from 720p to 4k and something in the middle would be really appreciated.

    Many thanks.


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