For those liking to use mouse menu keys in Modeler (wow, say that X times fast), this will be of particular interest. Haven't seen any threads on this either.

And before anyone asks "Have you filed a Bug Report", no. Not yet. I prefer confirmation first over just quietly, blindly throwing messages into the one-way black abyss of Tech Support communication. Exposing them suckers to Public attention first is always the best way. I suspect this is a by product of an earlier fix to getting the Hub functioning as it used to.

In Modeler, set up your mouse menus to how you like, and make sure to do a Save for your Config Menus. Go ahead & close Modeler & Start it again to confirm your menus are still as you left them. You don't even need an object loaded just cycle through the mouse menus. All Good, right?

Exit & fire up Layout. Load a simple object so you have something to see & the hit F12 up in the upper right-hand corner.

Once in Modeler, check your mouse button assignments, but the MM button in particular. Nice, huh?

But "Wait", you say. "I have OD Tools and a recent Config Manager save. I can just restore that way". Sorry. This broke that too. It's not the cause, just a casualty apparently.

So not a showstopper but more of a, "MOM! Benji just crapped on the living room carpet again" sort of thing. So be careful where & how a step for now is all.

Go ahead & reload your configs & be careful of the F12 key.