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Thread: You need to read this book !!!

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    You need to read this book !!!

    Hi all:

    I just bought this excellent book on amazon.
    Creating a 3d animated cgi short, the making of the autiton archives, by michael scaramozzino
    I bought this book because I am planning to start making my first animated short, and by the title
    i sensed this book could help me.
    After reading, I found this book to be amazing, and I was surprised to learn all the book and the
    short was done using lightwave 3d.
    One thing I learned from the book is that I can submit my shorts to animation film festivals,
    by sending the shorts in DVD, and the registration costs little (between 30 and 100 dollars)
    plus it tells you how to find online all the film festivals.
    To me, this is an amazing book, and it helps you learn how to make your own short
    using lightwave 3d. Is a perfect book for both begginers and experts.
    Enjoy !!!
    -Mobilis In Mobile-

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    Agreed, this is a great book.
    I also have Mike’s Snub launcher and Constellation apps (great if you need to do network rendering, or standalone multi scene rendering).
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    Truly, his work has had his passion on full display. And definitely overlooked in the scheme of things for all he has to offer.
    An older book but worth it if you find it.
    Indeed, his apps are stellar. Pun intended.
    Robert Wilson
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