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Thread: NDI over VPN

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    NDI over VPN

    Hi team,
    I have a specific event where I will have 2 different locations at 800m in a city, and I could not have a fiber or cable between the 2 sites.
    The only thing I have is 2 x Internet Fiber boxes. So I am assuming having 200M between the 2 sites in VPN.

    I am thinking about using NDI on a L2 VPN, but the 1st tests I have done are not positive ( I am using access manager to avoid discovery issues).
    So I have a NDI SOurce ---VPN ---INTERNET ----- VPN ---- NDI Monitor

    The result is that NDI monitor cannot play the source.

    Is there anything mandatory in addition to full TCP/UDP access between NDI Source & Monitor ( I m not talking about broadcast IP for auto-discovery).

    Any MTU issues ?

    Will it work with a L3 VPN - without autodiscovery - ?

    Is there any network spec on NDI protocol somewhere ?

    many thanks,
    PS: Of course can help, but as the 2 internet boxes are on the same city

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    I'm not sure where you are at yet.

    Are you able to select in the NDI source list thru the VPN? Or is it not showing up in the list.
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    I have setup ndi using vmix over vpn , i can see the channels but the video is not fluid...

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    If you have line of sight then I would consider using WiFi with dish antennas.


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