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Thread: IM SPARTACUS- The Fighter Kirk Douglas passed away 103Y

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    IM SPARTACUS- The Fighter Kirk Douglas passed away 103Y

    IM SPARTACUS- The Fighter Kirk Douglas passed away yesterday february 5th, he became 103 years old.

    What a Fighter, hope he had a good life, and loved by his family and friends, impressive age..though I think he suffered a long time after a stroke.

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    Another true classic gone.

    Got to work with him one day for a PSA. The thing that most impressed me was that I was taller, & I'm only a smidge more than 5'7". But I still felt like I was looking up at him. Those extraordinarily wide shoulder just made him look huge.
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    Impressive age for sure. Sad to see him gone.

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    No wonder they crucified so many of them if they all go , Im spartacus...only way to be sure
    The "real! Spartacus ..if he actually was confirmed as a true historic person, seems they never really found him ..not to bear witness of how he actually died, presumely he could have been crucified but without having his identity confirmed, I think the historians says around 6000 slaves and revolters was crucified along the appian way betwee rome and capua, around 71BC...but according to the appians, the body of spartacus never found.

    Interesting to see the tear in the eyes of Kirk Douglas when he is sort of protected, in those days I reckon it would still be a sign of weekness for a man to cry.
    I need to watch that movie again.

    I also loved the newer series..Spartacus blood and sand, I actually thought it was one of the best series showned for many years..watched it every night it aired, it was well done, great photo and lighting and fighting scenes and acting and intrigues, Andy whitfield was great as spartacus but sadly died of cancer a short while after and replaced with Liam Mcintire..which was ok, but I still felt Andy was perfect for the role.

    Then Kirk also did vikings, not sure it was filmed in norway..looks that way, and again, a newer series of vikings is still airing these days..and I like that too.

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    Happy Trails 2 Kirk,
    I worked with a rigger once who remembered Kirk climbing that ladder of axes
    in the drawbridge in The 'Vikings' He watched that done one take standing next to Jack Cardiff DOP
    whose great camera is still clear .BTW The fort was in/is in Brittany.
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    mighty cool...  
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    RIP Mr. Douglas, and thank you. You were part of my childhood too.
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