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Thread: I want to make 'anime' !!!

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    I want to make 'anime' !!!

    Hi all:

    My main goal is to learn to make beautiful japanese animated movies, or anime.
    My 2 secondary goals are to:
    1 - make nice 3d cgi animation using lightwave, and
    2 - make nice 2d cartoon animation using anime studio (moho).
    These are my main goals, and include using lightwave 3d.
    I would really love to produce beautiful anime movies.
    I believe is very possible i will succeed, but I plan to spend
    many years dedicated until I achieve my goals.
    I feel so good and so happy !!!

    Any tips or ideas ?
    Domo Arigato !!!
    -Mobilis In Mobile-

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    Quote Originally Posted by rednova View Post
    Hi all:
    Any tips or ideas ?
    Cool, Japanese anime!

    What I'm writing is maybe obious and nothing new to you... To do this on your own, you need alot if time and will power to pull it through.

    Ask yourself how many good looking stills you rendered so far - if you're ready for an animation project.

    Compare with others' work on Artstation or indie short movies. Ask yourself and other people if your designs, models and renders are on par or even better then work from other artists - to be interesting or relevant (except you do it for only yourself).

    Good thing is, your skills improve a lot working on a project like this.

    Bad thing is, you learn it the hard way and it might be that when you finish, you may not like your work again because you reached a higher level or the animation world has moved on. Happened to me at least with my sci fi animations in LightWave.

    Great thing is, it's a lot of fun!

    I know people post their work-in-progess sometimes but I find that tiring or even annoying except it's an outstanding artist that one can learn from his design process. There are thousands of talented artists that work hard and create outstanding images and animations on their own. The 3D level and public expectation is very high nowadays. There is an unlimited amount of free and paid learning resources. I'm not interested in the learning progress of others.

    Even more annoying to me are 'artists' / users that ask tons of basic questions before trying to figure out anything themselfs. 3D work is often problem solving and that's not for everyone. I have seen endless posts and questions of some old time users with many years of 3D 'experience' and they wonder why there are animation, deformation or shading issues and then just to see in a screenshot that they still have no clue about simple topology. Of course it's fine and important to ask for critique or more complex technical questions but before that, there should be a substantial amount of work involved.

    But that's just my personal opinion.

    Enough of ranting... To your original question, my tip is not to miss out important steps in the process. I left out or neglected some of these tasks in my earlier projects which I regretted later, but hey I'm just a hobby user doing it for myself and mistakes are allowed.

    That's how I would plan it now:

    - know basic design fundamentals (composition, color, shapes, anatomy etc)
    - write or get an interesting story
    - define the rules of your world
    - get some references
    - write dialogs
    - draw storyboards
    - concept art design and lookdev (environments, characters, props)
    - find your style
    - define technical details (tools to use, motion capture vs IK/FK hand animations, facial animation, lip sync etc)
    - be efficient in your applications, use shortcuts
    - create a first scene
    - render and post a couple of good stills first (final quality), ask for feedback
    - design, model, draw, texture, rig and simulate a ton of stuff
    - scene composition, lighting
    - understand and apply the 12 principles of animation
    - previz
    - music, voices, sound effects
    - animate!
    - render settings, lighting, test renders
    - implement a million of tweaks and changes
    - render!
    - again, post and ask for critique for the first final rendered scenes
    - cutting and postwork

    Cheers and have fun creating!
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    A little addtion, as you move forwards to finessing your own style

    Watch Kamikaze Douga productions for their Camers Setups & Angles : cite (Batman Ninja)

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    Quote Originally Posted by rednova View Post
    Hi all:

    My main goal is to learn to make beautiful japanese animated movies, or anime.

    Any tips or ideas ?
    Domo Arigato !!!
    [1] Learn to draw. Learn to draw really well. Focus on comic/cartoon/manga/anime technique, but DO NOT allow yourself to be stuck in only one style. Manga is a style, but many newbies fall into the trap of only parroting the style, but not actually OWNING it. You should be able to adjust to any style.

    [2] learn to animate.


    Set aside 1 or 2 years of learning, studying, and practicing.

    Get yourself the Animator's Survival Kit, Preston Blair's book(s) (the old and new one) to begin with. Avoid Chris Hart like the plague. Avoid easy "recipes". Get some good books on anatomy for artists.
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    also check the LightWave 2019 Content >

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