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Thread: RR Tools Updates/Videos

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    RR Tools Updates/Videos

    Everyone who has a copy of RR Tools received an e-mail containing a free update to RR tools, if you purchased a copy and did not get an e-mail about it, please let me know.

    Anyhow, some updates...

    First off, there are some new, long overdue videos on the liberty3d website that cover the workflow and tools that didn't have videos which needed them.

    Secondly, the following updates have been made to the toolset:

    - Tool now makes sure items are set to their default SameAsItem settings before applying constraints

    NEW TOOL: RR_AnimLayers
    - New tool. I needed a good but simple animation layer tool so this one had to get made. Unlike the OD tools version,
    mine does not require studio live for interactive feedback and operates properly with most of Lightwave's other tools.
    Works the same as many other RR Tools, use tool to apply and remove constraint. Only the keyframes that the user keyed
    will be baked upon removal. NOTE: There must be at least 2 keyframes beyond frame 0 for this plugin to bake keyframes!

    - Complete re-write (again)
    - Progress indicator when baking multiple items across over ~200+ keyframes
    - Adjusted baking methods; it is now possible to bake chained bullet rigid body motions.

    RR_ItemShapeTools (REQUIRES LW 2018! Use old version if still using 2015):
    - Complete re-write to all related tools to take advantage of SDK improvements.
    - Tool will no longer completely overwrites every item shape parameter, so it is now possible
    to apply your own settings then run this tool to apply those settings to all selected items.
    First-selected null's properties will always be copied to the rest of your selection when using
    the tools.

    NEW TOOL: RR_AddNulls_To_All_Sel
    - New tool. Adds a null at every selected object. Plugin prompts for name to use on all nulls prior to making them.

    - Tool now moves the object to the user viewport position instead of a scene camera
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    Thank you very much, Ryan, for the update ! | 3D Animation, Motion Graphics and Broadcast Design.

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    Thank you for teh updates, Ryan. Much appreciated! :-)

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    Thanks Ryan this is very cool. ��
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    Hi Ryan,

    Yes, got the email the other day! Thank you for continuing to support these tools!


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