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Thread: LightWave Flip Fluids

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    Glad to help,

    Cloth and Cloth Effects in various apps could be discussed for 24 hours straight.  

    btw, Ryan Roye has commercial videos on both Bullet and Syflex over at Liberty3D.
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    Fluids Motion blur support in LightWave >

    Houdini - Yes
    RealFlow - ?
    Storm - No
    Blender Flip Fluids - ?
    Blender MantaFlow - No
    Deep Rising v3 - Yes

    ...there is a cheat using RSMB tho'
    it that works if the splash isn't too close to the camera.
    see >

    if you can, use RSMB instead of real motion blur, since it will render 300-700% faster. (depending on your LW motion blur setting)
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    Quote Originally Posted by erikals View Post
    Deep Rising v3 - Yes
    That's a bit misleading, as Deep Rising v3 hasn't been released yet. The currently available version, Deep Rising v2, does NOT offer motion blur support.
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    i can see how it could be misunderstood,

    should have added the xtra' info.

    hopefully v3 will be out soon.
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