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    access manager

    Hi can someone explain me how access magaer works? i read the manual but dont figure out how it works.

    I need conecct a cellphone with ndi camera that IP is

    with a PC with NDI monitor with IP . both devices comunicate well i make a ping from PC to cellphone and it works.

    i understand that acces manager help me with that kind of connection.


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    In NDI Access Manager, go to the remote sources tab, click on a New button to add an entry. In the window that appears, type in the IP of the phone. Choose 'NDI Source' as your type and leave the other fields alone.

    If you have any NDI application running, close them and open them again to pickup the new configuration. See if you can access the phone.

    If you can, then you are all good.

    if you can't then something is still blocking traffic between the two subnets. You might be able to ping, but the ports that NDI needs to communicate aren't being allowed thru.
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    In preparation for a cross subnet W10 PC to PC NDI connection for production this summer, I downloaded NDI Tools 4 and started experimenting. I have VLC/NDI running on one PC with the receiver being StudioMonitor. It's working well. But I noticed that even after reboots of both PC's, I no longer need to run Access Manager. Can I get an explanation of where the path info is saved on the receiving PC. Also, the Access Manager executable needs to be signed to avoid the "unknown publisher" message. If the user is running in user rather than administrator mode, the user needs to enter an administrator's userid and password, which is not allowed in our installation.


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