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Thread: Flickering in animation

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    yes, i think of interpolated as > jpeg quality 6
    and brute Gi as > bmp uncompressed.
    neither are ideal, but you have to pick one.
    if you're not looking for an Oscar, interpolated can be ok.

    by the way, forgot, max pix space have to be much lower for animation. >

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    All good tips. I´d like to add another one:
    render breakout scenes and combine them in fusion (or mabe even in Layout´s comp panel itself, if you feel like it... ). The breakout scenes split up in actually moving items and inanimate elements. Matte out and set the proper alpha mode for the respective parts and render the inanimate parts with cached radiosity, maybe even every 5th frame might suffice here
    (Or even bake the illumination into a texture using UVs and map that back onto your surfaces - as in this the moving parts don´t really seem to cast shadow on anything of the surroundings)
    The animated parts that assemble themselves you can probably BruteForce solo without a big rendertime hit.
    just my 2 cents :-]

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