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Thread: Can I use 'japanese' lw cd ?

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    Can I use 'japanese' lw cd ?


    i recently bought online a japanese lightwave 3d book.
    On the cover it says lightwave 3d in english, the rest of the cover and all the book is in japanese.
    I bought it because the cover had a beautiful female humanoid picture, and I knew i could use
    the pictures inside to recreate how to model the figure. I was right, the tutorials are in japanese
    but the pictures show step by step how to model the figure, and i can easily understand and
    follow along. Something good happened I did not expect. The book came with a companion cd !!!
    I am sure the cd has all the models and scenes from the book. i wanna try the cd, but I am
    afraid all files will be in japanese characters, and might not work right with my lightwave 9.6
    I use. I am afraid something might go wrong. Is it safe to load the japanese cd into lw 9.6 ?
    (the book/cd is for lw 8 )
    Thank you !!!
    -Mobilis In Mobile-

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    The model name might be in Japanese.
    The texture names might be in Japanese.
    Model part names might be in Japanese.

    The good news is you can rename almost anything. You will probably just have to reassign textures (and it could get considerably more difficult if there is rigging depending on the setup.)

    Good Luck.


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