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Thread: Axis Translate with snap drag on n plane?

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    Axis Translate with snap drag on n plane?

    I am trying to move a point that is on a diagonal plane with axis translate, as long as I move the point on a edge in that plane I can keep it on said plane. The problem is I am trying to get the point to also snap to a specific X Z coordinate for a vertex that exists on another layer, essentially using the second layer as a guide.

    I can constrain it to the vertex on the second layer using CTRL, but then the point doesn't move along the plane or edge it originally exists on because it seems the axis translate only has a couple of steps for input, the second step is to constrain or move along / to point, edge, or poly. I need something that can specify the edge or plane to move along but also snap to another point while translating only on the originating plane.

    Is there a native way or even a tool that can do this in modeler?

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    Take a look at LWCad I guess.

    It's had a snap to background ability for a long time that should have been native to LW, but aren't. Probably a dozen options as well.
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    Just to clarify, what you're really trying to do is find closest point on the plane (A) to that vertex on the other layer (let's call it vertex B), correct? If you know vertex B is already on the plane A, then just set new point to vertex B's coordinates and be done.

    If it isn't, then it's a bit more work, but should still be doable. You need to move vertex B along the axis of plane A's normal until where the axis intersects plane A itself (distance zero). I'm afLW right now, but you should be able to axis translate (the copy of) vertex B using plane A's normal (aka the averaged normal of two perp. edge segments on plane A -- select both segments to get the averaged normal) in scale mode dropping scale down to zero (thus intersecting the plane A).

    Copy the relevant geo (two perp. edge segs on plane A, and vertex B) to a third layer and test it all there.

    Again, afLW, and not entirely certain I understand the existing geometry from your description (is the "plane" really a quad, planar poly?). I'll try to confirm when I get a chance.

    Worst comes to worst, you can just do it on paper using the coordinate values involved, and then just assign the point the resultant coordinate values manually. Figure out the slope of the plane normal, then where a same-sloped line containing vertex B intersects plane A is your answer (the nearest point on plane A to vertex B).
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    use pictrix sp_move

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    Thanks guys, I will check out the options

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    Quick and dirty; copy and paste the point you want to snap-to into the foreground layer, and then weld the point you want to move to it (it will snap to the point selected second / last).

    That said LWcad is worth every penny for the tools it adds.


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