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Thread: OD Vector import-svg,eps,pdf -Testing

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    OD Vector import-svg,eps,pdf -Testing

    Hi there,

    Just installed the OD vector importer, should have done it much earlier though.
    Anyway..been testing it for an hour.

    For those dropping illustrator or simply not able to afford it, the free inkscape delivers output of SVG, EPS and PDF, and that is what OD vector importer can import to some level of success, previously we only had tibscheins svg importer, but this is much better.
    Thus previously I had to use blender which imported svg much better than standard lightwave eps importer..which is only importing non color and can have issues with autodrill holes, blender imports svg format as curves, and as such it is non destructable, you can animate the curves growth, extrude and bevel as you see fit..and control the bezier handles..but you need to convert it to mesh later.

    Now..the OD vector importer..if using the svg importer, it will not be able to deliver that kind of control..we simply do not have that kind of curves in it converts it to a mesh, and it is essential that you have the quadrangulate option checked for any holes in the vector to work properly...the result is the vector is meshed with quads, so you may want to clean that up, it can not just autodrill with only one connection in to the holes unfortunately.

    However, since working with Lightwave here and svg only useful for like in blender with that kind of curve control, I have found that importing to pdf or eps is more stable when it comes to vectors with I would suggest to go with those two options, eps and pdf will import multicolored elements as well as holes, the only thing to deal with is cleaning the geometry up after import, merging polys for instance.

    I would probably recommend the OD vector import and import Eps, cause there is a difference in that the pdf imports the vector flipped verticly, while Eps seems to be in the right orientation.
    Now the old eps seems outdated when this can do it so much better with eps, and pdf, and to oliver, make it native, no one will ever use the old eps if you have this OD vector importer.

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