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    Quote Originally Posted by vncnt View Post
    Scripting/programming is a fantastic way to control emotions.
    Never heard it put quite that way, interesting. Of course, the real difficulty is getting access to the REPL...

    Quote Originally Posted by vncnt View Post
    A new method for transfering data from external LWS scene files, support for Insert/Backspace in the negative frame range to be able to create additional frames (or remove them) without corrupting the motion/pose Library or the animation in the positive frame range, EXT Transfer can now also transfer the Pose Track data and the Text Tracks from external sources, EXT Transfer is now also able to (optionally) create a MarkerRegion that matches the source MarkerRegion type.
    On a semi-related topic, it's kind of a shame the LWSDK doesn't provide better hooks to override/augment the actual LWO & LWS (really, all) file load/save access mechanisms themselves. Not only would that enable adding proper VCS-type functionality, as well as CMS-type hooks, but would also offer unique capabilities in scenarios like yours (having ability to bind/access various "meta-scene" LWS's, LWS templates, and other files "around" access to the main LWS, as well as potentially even building/assembling the LWS loaded "on the fly"). Alas.

    Still, given what the SDK does provide, that all sounds extremely useful!
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