Hey everyone,

I doubt many LightWave users are on Windows 10 Enterprise edition, but I am... and had noticed some missing icons and other random bits throughout both Modeller and Layout a while back.

Things like the little change layer set left and right arrows were missing and icons in the Image Editor's image viewer were gone... other places were the New Scene Editor where some icons were missing too and replaced by question marks.

Anyway... long story short, I've found out what caused it and have a fix.

Windows 10 Enterprise has a lovely little "feature" which can be turned on which blocks external fonts. Any font that doesn't reside in the Windows 'Font' folder will get blocked, even if it is loaded during application startup.
Luckily in LightWave it didn't cause too many problems, but I tried Substance Alchemist yesterday and the entire User Interface was borked beyond usability. So... I went investigating.

There are a few ways to fix it, but if your IT people don't like changing policies and turning the font blocking off entirely, you can control it using a registry fix.
It's done on a per app basis, but once you done it for each named .exe you won't have to do it again and all your lovely little icons and fonts are back working... yay!

Follow these steps here:

Hopefully this helps someone in need!