Just upgraded our old Tricaster Mini 4sdi to a Tricaster Mini 4K.
I couldn't find the Macros tab on the new 4K mini, so I reached out to Newtek Customer service.

This is what I was told:
"The Tricaster Mini 4K doesn't support Macros. Those decisions are made above my pay grade. If I had to guess it was something that had to be cut for internal resources consumption reasons but that's just a guess on my part. I would recommend making a post in the feature request section of forums.newtek.com and asking for it to be added back."

1. WHAT????
2. The old Tricaster Mini had macros. How is this an upgrade???
3. Obviously it's not a resource thing, because I can still do everything Macros do, just manually.
4. WHAT???

Anyone have any ideas why this is happening, and how I can get macros back?