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Thread: Clerc Tournament: Student produced streaming

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    Clerc Tournament: Student produced streaming

    Good eve,
    Sharing this here as it is apropos and I need to publicly document this.

    For the last three days, my students and I have streamed the biggest Deaf high school tournament in the country, Clerc Classic Tournament, with 8 schools participating.
    We have a 460 with AE3, Livetext and classes of AE, Lightwave, etc., to support the broadcast. We've been at it for almost a year in preparation, designing things in AE, some LW. A lot of the material wasn't used, though.
    (reminder: do an equipment list signature)

    They performed like CHAMPS!! While I had some students bail on me, 2.3, 6 of them stayed all three days. They played sponsor bumpers, commercials given us by our sponsors and school, coordinated interviews with 'correspondents' (meaning: had to work with adults ). I had to look for the keyboard as they abandoned it for the control surface. It was, really, a sight to behold.
    Watching students find their own in becoming who they are under stress is so revealing. Not just for me, the observer, but for the student -- if we take the time to converse. Watching a timid lil girl growl at a burly dude because his camera isn't on the right thing is invigorating. That she becomes aware of what she's done, people's reaction to her and the positivity they offer: PRICELESS!

    The communities' connections made all complaints able to flow to me within talking to at least one person. So if someone was watching and they knew someone at the game to text a complaint to, the person at the game could easily walk to our area with the problem. The TC performed like a champ. We're gonna give her a tune-up and take some lessons on how better to get her to purr. She purred really nice tonight with only one crash in 3 days. We got complaints the first two days; on the third, not a one.

    I plan to gush more about their performance, the first of many I hope. This has always been some pretty cool tech. Seeing it in the hands of babes striving to grow up and find their way is what I think the dream was all about with NewTek. (Babes here are all of us that dreamed of such power in our hands with no means to harne$$ it.) Glad it is still being realized.

    If you've read this far and you care to know, we streamed through NFHS Network, under Indiana School for the Deaf.

    This was a grand time.
    Robert Wilson, MA Deaf Ed.
    Indiana Deaf School
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    Always awesome when a plan comes together

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    That's it's over and I don't have a complaint to ruminate on, it feels quite the treat.

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