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Thread: Tally from NC1?

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    Tally from NC1?

    We 'upgraged' from an 860 to a TC1 with an NC1 for our additional cameras. Is there any way to get tallies for my cameras 5-8 that are connected to the NC1?

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    The NC1 IN has a DB15 tally connector just like the TriCaster.

    The NC1 IO, does not, but you can use a tally unit like this NDI tally rackmount controller.

    There are also tally interfaces that connect via USB to the TriCaster ans will expand the system with more tally channels.
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    Thses days I do everything about tallies ( and more) Skaarhoj dual GPI interfaces. You can get tallies outs from the 16 sources of the TC-1 , and even manage to get different configurations depending of your projects....


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