I know I have posted a few messages about our talkshow system.

Yesterday I was able to get a call to show up, but the problem we are having is being able to bring in the speaker in the small box on the lower right side. We do not have cameras attached to the TS but was told I could use the cameras from our 460 AE2 system. Them problem is TS does not give use a choice to pick the camera on the 460. It does not even show up as being available.

TS is connected to the same router as our 460. I even did it from a laptop and the caller shows up but still nothing from the 460 available.

In our 460 I can not even see the TS to bring it in as an input.

Also another note, can not even see the TS on our mini.

I sent an email asking for assistance the NewTek last night, so waiting on them to reply since it was the weekend, I guess it will be a couple of days.

Anyone out there with experience with the TS that I maybe able to call on Wednesday around 12 o'clock as that is when I will be back in front of our systems.

Jeff Kerry