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Thread: TerreSculptor - Free

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    TerreSculptor - Free

    Looks nice.

    more info >

    Download >

    Consider backing future development of the software on Patreon.
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    Did you test it, and so the proffesional editon is free? there´s a terrasculptor 2 as not sure if this free version is the one before?
    What is the Export size of heightmaps for use in lightwave?

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    proffesional editon = free
    terrasculptor 2 = free

    as far as i understand, terrasculptor 2 is the one he will continue to update, and includes code from the Pro version. (?)

    resolutions up 65,536 × 65,536 if you have enough memory

    nope, haven't tried it.  (yet)

    info; sorry, i think this is the newest download link...
    Download >
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