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Thread: NDI Scan Convert/Virtual Input Zoom Server TriCaster Return Audio Clicks

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    NDI Scan Convert/Virtual Input Zoom Server TriCaster Return Audio Clicks

    I've been struggling with massive intermittent audio clicks from various Zoom server systems I've setup with VB Cable for Scan Converter and various versions of NDI from 3.5 through 4.2 Virtual Input and NewTek Line driver for the return. I never had this issue with NDI Transmit (a $200 addon back in 2016). The clicks are only heard by the remote Zoom callers.

    It used to be that I'd get the clicks when I started up Virtual Input for an hour or two and then they would go away for the next several hours. With more recent NDI versions, the clicks come and go at random. I've tried setting all Record/Playback devices to 48kHZ or 44.1kHz, network speed and NIC both on Auto or 1G Full Duplex - current setting for all systems, 5 different computers used as Zoom servers that have different Motherboards, Nvidia cards, NIC’s, etc and every other possible variable I’ve been able to think of. I’ve had this issue ever since I moved from NDI Transmit back in 2018 when Virtual Input came out.

    Zoom and NewTek engineering have been very gracious in trying to figure it out but no one has an answer and I’ve not been able to narrow it down as it will come and go at random.

    Most of our customers prefer Zoom though we let them know the advantages of Skype on our VS4000. We have some potentially large customers looking at us this week to do their Zoom Webinars and Skype them in at 1080p, and won’t be able to sell them with the intermittent clicks.

    My question for the community is to find out if anyone else is using Zoom server(s) and if you are getting audio clicks from a TriCaster source (I use a 460 and TC1 with TalkShow SDI or NDI, another Zoom NDI server as Inputs to my TriCaster's or a 1k tone from Sound).

    Please respond to this post or PM me if you use Zoom and do or don’t experience audio clicks.

    Thanks much!
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