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Thread: The Light Wave!... ( yea I be trippn )

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    The Light Wave!... ( yea I be trippn )

    To travel at the speed of Light you would have to become a photon or photonic.

    This got me thinking

    At Light speed visuals would not go dark but full of shaded color.
    What if we could then match our photonic intensity to match that
    of the shaded visual area where we wanted to go and as we stopped,
    "hitched a ride" to the distant photons based on sharing the same intensity/frequency.

    Maybe it wouldn't take Light Years to travel the Universe?

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    There's still the problem of time dilation, so you can kiss all your loved ones goodbye if you ever decided to return to earth, depending of course on how far/long you traveled. An object traveling at the speed of light would become pure energy, and it would take an infinite amount of energy to move an object at the speed of light.
    Warp drive is the answer AND it's theoretically possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by safetyman View Post
    so you can kiss all your loved ones goodbye
    I don't see the downside.
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