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Thread: Scan Converter displays blank browser page

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    Scan Converter displays blank browser page

    Looking for some tips on getting Scan Converter to work properly.

    I'm able to select a web browser window in scan converter, the browser page is available as a source in Tricaster, but when it's used as a source the browser is just a blank white page on the Tricaster.

    The second problem is when I maximize the browser window, only a full black page is displayed. I can tell that NDI is still transmitting because I can see the mouse pointer when moved over the browser.

    Any ideas? This is a new build Windows 10 dell transmitting to a Tricaster 410 Advanced.


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    What version of NDI Scan Converter is this. Sounds like the older version that allowed you to choose sources. Some web browsers (like Chrome) had GPU hardware acceleration that would bypass screen capture of NDI Scan Converter.

    The NDI Scan Converter with NDI Tools 4.x (which shares the GPU screen) will capture this without any issues.
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    If updating is not an option, you can try disabling hardware acceleration in your browser. Let us know which browser you are using if you have trouble finding the setting.

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