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Thread: LW2019 FiberFX Plushtoy render test

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    LW2019 FiberFX Plushtoy render test

    Click image for larger version. 

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    9:30 on a CoreI7 6800

    FFX 2019 short fur test. Stability has improved greatly since the older versions.
    Some design decisions seems strange though. If the object has 5 surfaces like fur_long, fur_short etc.
    you need to create 5 FFX clones to get different FFX attributes, this adds locked null objects to the scene
    which are some sort of proxy for the shaders.

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    Nice fuzzy toy. Looks great. I pull my hair out( no pun intended) with FiberFX. I keep trying though.

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    Looks very nice.

    In my experience, when you have multiple surfaces requiring FiberFX, you go with UV Maps, and keep it to one surface.

    The locked nulls are for the fiber primitive that FFX 2018-2019 uses instead of the former method. Allows for more accurate lighting of hair and fur, at the cost of anti-aliasing passes need to clean up the final frame.
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