I have a Novation LaunchPad S that macros have been mapped to, and colors selected using TC+add ons Novation Launchpad tool. It works great, as long as I do not unplug it or get out of Live production

Until I unplug it (usb cable). If I plug it back in, nothing happens. No lights, no macros recalled. If I swap USB ports it works again. I keep swapping ports until I've ran out, and it isn't recognized in any of them. When I'm out of ports, Even if I reboot or shutdown it may or may not be recognized again. (I keep rebooting, start production, plug in LauncPad until it is recognized) Once it is recognized, I do the whole "change USB ports until i'm out of ports" again. Then I repeat. over, and over. It may take one reboot, or it may take 3...Or more. I have been trying to solve this issue for the quite some time.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Equipment used:

TC 8000 SE running Software V. 2-6-190506