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Thread: TC1 update v.7-1-191223 and Nvidia 1050 Ti driver error

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    TC1 update v.7-1-191223 and Nvidia 1050 Ti driver error

    I have been looking for a solution, but my TC1 shows a warning when trying to update to the latest version, 7-1-191223
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    First it shows a warning that "the GPU, CPU or drivers of this machine are not supported by this version",

    then when locating a driver at the Nvidia driver download page, the Nvidia Message reads "Nvidia Installer cannot continue", since "this DCH driver package is not compatible with the currently installed version of Windows".

    Well, when I purchased the TC1 I was warned not to allow the TC1 to install Windows system updates as they might interfere with the TC1 firmware.

    So I feel like in a Catch-22, if the firmware update from Newtek is reporting incompatible drivers, and then the driver updates can't update because the firmware is not up to date, I really need to know what my next steps might be.

    Any ideas on how to proceed?

    Happy New Year, by the way :-)


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    You need the 'Standard' driver not the 'DCH' driver. DCH is a new driver model from MS and it appears that the embedded Win10 doesn't support it.

    You can download the correct driver here

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    This knowledge base article will explain how to download the correct driver for Windows 10 LTSB.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kanep View Post
    This knowledge base article will explain how to download the correct driver for Windows 10 LTSB.

    unfortunately the drivers that I am able to download by following the directions above did not work. 2 messages up, however, there is a link to an actual driver that DID work! That is really the best way to enable users. "Please use this link to download a driver that works: ***link here***"

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    I tried this process after a Restore to the TC1. I meticulously went through the Driver download path outlined. When I installed the Driver it came up with the DCH Driver package not compatible.
    Is it a Windows 10 problem and its O/S version?

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    I just tried the Knowledge Base article above and followed the link inside. No problem getting the page to download the correct nVidia driver. Make sure you choose 'Standard' (not 'DCH').

    As mentioned in the article, the DCH is a different driver install package that requires a certain version of Windows. The driver itself is the same, just the installation method is different.

    Link to search tool:

    Link to driver:
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