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Thread: Exporting UV Map through GIMP to graphics softwares

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bernie2Strokes View Post
    Thanks for clarifying that. But I meant you can use GIMP to create a file that can be exported into Krita and Inkscape.
    Yes but why would you go that route? when it concerns a UV map from lightwave.. when you do not have to and no benefit of doing so...Gimp doesn´t work in vector format, which makes it meaningless if you want it in to krita or inkscape in the first place.

    As for eps or svg, I only use svg vectors when it comes to importing vectors in to blender, inksape svg remains both multidrilled holes, seperate colors, and it maintains bezier handles, fully parametricly changable in blender when imported in to blender for creating shapes, you can also export an eps from inkscape in to lightwave, if you have the 2019 versions, but you will loose out on some of the above mentioned features.

    But that is a different story..I would like to know in which cases you would need the UV map in a vector format though?

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    Quote Originally Posted by prometheus View Post
    ...I would like to know in which cases you would need the UV map in a vector format though?
    gerry_g mentions vector shape masks as a benefit but I cannot imagine that's really much better than existing selection tools in bitmap editors.

    However, there is a Modeler SVG export plugin in development...

    It only exports the XY view but maybe Vorlath could be motivated to export the UV map view.
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