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Thread: DXF import no longer working

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    DXF import no longer working

    Well for some reason since the upgrade from Lightwave 10 importing 3D DXF's result in an empty file in Lightwave 2018. The program seems to open the file but then shows no objects in any layer. Lightwave claims the file is open but with no contents. Please make it work like it used to. I see no point tin upgrading to 2019 unless this is fixed and now need to have two lightwave revisions installed in order to properly open DXF files.

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    I wasn't aware Lightwave could ever open DXF files out of the box. You can use LWCAD import DXF or load a DXF into Accutrans 3D and save off an LWO file. Accutrans is only $20 and can do many useful things.
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    Can you share a DXF file that doesn't open in LW2018?
    I can test it in LW2019.

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    I tested loading a dxf file through the standard object loader and got a number of unsupported error messages meaning many parts of the dxf could not be read by Lightwave. I think this is very common and should be expected with many dxf files unless your using a proper converter or loader. Don't rely on the built in one.
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    neither a Modo or Hexagon generated DXF file opened in 2019, got the same blank scene, but as stated above do it in another app or use a free online converter


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