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Thread: turbulance fd - gpu issue

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    turbulance fd - gpu issue


    i updated my turbulance by getting the latest build from the website
    plugged it into my 2018 lightwave
    and got it running right away - great.

    uh no. not great problem.
    only the solver will show is CPU - and no support for the gpu.

    manual says something about gpus with 4 gigs or greater being supported i think - but i'm not sure.

    my laptop only has 3gigs of ram 1 gig under the limit (is there a limit?)

    is there anything i can do to get turbulence to see my laptops gpu again.

    previous version of turbulence under 2015 - gpu is available.

    so i'm not sure why an update would kill that.
    he didn't change anything did he? just made it more compatible with 2018?

    any ideas how to get the gpu to show up?

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    Make sure you have all the right CUDA stuff installed for the version that is actually in your LW configs for the tfd_loader.p.
    Sometimes your configs will get mixed up with the previous version of a plug-in.
    If you want to hit me up on skype to assist let me know.
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