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Thread: which Mini

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    which Mini

    I was keeping my eyes open for a used Mini and if I remember correctly there were some real lemons out there.
    Possibly bad Power supplys or mother boards?
    Is there a SS# that after that number the mini Tricasters were stable?
    Not interested in newer nDI Mini's
    Would rather have an SDI version but open to HDMI where I would need HDMI to SDI converteres.
    When using converters, I wonder how much additional lag time is added?

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    Some of the early HDMI models had power supplies that failed. There is a new power supply available that is much better build quality if you need to replace it.

    The power supply was external on all models, this issue has nothing to do with the hardware inside of the unit.
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    I have a TriCaster Mini HD-4 with the Standard Edition software for sale . . . please feel free to contact me at [email protected]

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