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Thread: TAFA 2 - not yet...

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    My understanding was that most of the advanced "match a real person" stuff was morph based. One kinda cool bit was including textures with morphs, so that fine details get morphed as well as the shape.

    I know there was a push a while back for essentially virtual animatronics -- bone movement with associated muscle flexing and then soft body deformation. It all sounded like it was going to be great, but every video I ever saw was still hydraulic jerkiness inside a bag of gelatin...

    But my knowledge is out of date. Haven't kept up with cutting edge the last several years...

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    morphs / bones

    both still have their gotchas i think.

    from what i understood, they used an algorithm to calculate the in-between morphs (the non-linear morphs so to speak).

    for skin-glide i would personally have used animated UV morph-maps

    facial animation is interesting stuff, and an overwhelming amount of data/info to take into account.
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