I'd assumed that bundling a specific version of the NDI DLL with our Windows app installer would effectively isolate us from other NDI DLL versions that might be installed on the same PC, but I suspect that's not really the case.

Let's say I deploy an app with the 4.1 DLLs, but there's a 3.7 version of the NDI Tools already installed.

If I just start my app and it creates a source, it also starts listening on port 5960 using the 4.1 DLL, ready to answer queries about available sources.

However, if I start (say) a Test Pattern (which is using NDI 3.7) before I start my app, then clients connecting to port 5960 will be using the 3.7 version of the server...?

I'm not sure of the implications of this, but I think that best practice is to run single version of NDI which means it's probably a bad idea to have 'per application' versions of the DLL...?