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Thread: The Space Wall short film

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    The Space Wall short film

    This is a short film I recently finished. Created entirely in LW. Hope you enjoy.

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    Has some nice fun moments going on. Liked the overall look.

    Oh, and I like your Bubba-Kitty avatar too. That's one heap o' cat there.
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    Wow! I did really enjoy it. Its so surreal and moody. I love the retro look!

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    Good job! You used those age old LW procedural textures in a refreshing way. Nice moods and lights too. You really captured that lonely space feeling. Congrats.

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    Very' Noir' with its lovely lighting

    Reminds me of Vintage bubble-Gum Cards.

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    Awesome! I liked how the spaceship moved like on a string. You pulled that off great! And then the door at the end was a real piece of genius! Well done. I never watch these shorts all the way through, so you know it’s good when I do that.
    Tim Parsons

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    Well done. I really liked the mood/music/sound design. B&W was a good choice also.

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    Cool. Nice vibe, and a good ending. The lighting was very well done.

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