Hi there.
Just had a 2 days event. Here is the setup :
Tc1 - nc1io - 2 ptz1 - 3 sdi 1080 p 25 cam - 1 wireless he cam going in a spark pro 1080 25p - 2 ddr - 2 mix output, 1 using an me with 2 pip + background, 1 using 2 pip + background for streaming purpose.
Session in 1080 25p.
Movies (7) in speedhq
Titles sequences in speedhq + alpha.
1 Netgear router gigabit to 1 24 ports D-Link managed switch (no Poe / no EEE) for cam inputs on stage and streaming room in backstage - 1 cat6 cable running to the tc1 switch D-Link 16 ports gigabit switch all configured for Ndi.

A Delta neo going from that switch to stage for confidence monitors.

Here a the troubles :
1st day test all fine, no troubles with anything.
Day 2, event day, the media in ddr1 (movies) had stopped
Working strangely : whilst playing, the commands of the ddr froze no way to click on play or stop, either using the cs.

Only way to get it working, restart the session.
10 minutes after on another movie, same issue.
I restarted the tc1 entirely, tried all the movies, all fine.
Half an hour after same issue.
I copied all the movies on my hard drive and went with a wirecast solution via ndi scan converter.
No more troubles (obviously)

After that, we met some Network issues : the nc1io had lags playing the mix 4 (dropped frames)
Next, the confidence monitors started to have some freezes.
I unplugged the confidence Network, was better for the streaming, but a bit laggy thought.

I wonder if my switch at tricaster was able to handle the Network.

Was a hard and tricky day, and my client was a bit furious after that. I'd like to handle those troubles, any help on that ?