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Thread: YouTube streaming: Sign in with Google temporarily disabled for this app

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    Did this ever get fixed it is beyond annoying when you are doing multiple YouTube streams on multiple channels
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    Is there a video link so I can share the custom connection for OPS who are not YT savvy? Nothing I find addresses the new YT Studio interface and browser install for tricasters.
    Any help here is appreciated.

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    I just started having this problem today, right before a very important live stream our School District wanted to have. It has not been a good day because of this.

    We have a Tricaster 410 with the Advanced Edition software, up until today I had ZERO issues signing in to our district's YouTube & Facebook accounts; welp, 30 minutes prior to the meeting I discovered this an immediately began troubleshooting the issue with no success. We had the meeting and it was recorded instead of live streamed, and currently being uploaded to our YT frustrating. I stayed an hour afterwards to update the software and try it again but it just continues to "loop" me in a circle back to the same page without accomplishing anything. I shot video on my cell phone while trying to log in after the updates and this is what it kept doing, (you may have to copy/paste):

    I have a week or so before the next meeting and need to get this solved!!

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