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Thread: User Guide for Rev 7-1

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    Question User Guide for Rev 7-1

    Thanks everyone on the dev/testing team for getting 7-1 out the door - it is a fantastic update.

    Since the release yesterday, I've been getting questions about feature details that I’m not able to answer. Is the a link to the NEW User Guide for 7-1. I'd be happy with a preliminary version to get started.

    I know - I'm one of those weird people that do read manuals

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    I don't think the download links have been updated, but if you have installed 7-1, go to Help>Live on the home screen to get the new PDF manual.

    If the TriCaster is running, you can also access this by typing in the IP address in the browser on another computer, then to go 'Resources' and a link to the current manual can be found there as well.

    Finally, if you don't mind digging a bit, there is more information found in the following directory.

    C:\ProgramData\NewTek\TriCaster\Configuration\web_ dev\documentation

    There is also a 'What's New (TC1)' there as well that is worth checking out.
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