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Thread: LiveText 3.0 Registration

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    LiveText 3.0 Registration

    I have been using NewTek products going back to an Amiga 2000 in 1992. I have set our cable access stusio up with a mobile production van using a Tricaster HD. We are producing 70 to 80 spoorting events a year in addition to parades and concerts. Over the years we have either purchased, had included, or were offered as compensaation 8 Live Text licenses. We usually only uesed 2 or 3. I laptop for the remote van, 1 work station to compose in a larger view in office and another laptop for portable convenience as I am now confined to a wheel chair. Because of purchasing new equipment over the last 15 years the registrations on the various computers has never been corrected. As of now only the remote computer in the van has working software. And it is the oldest of the units. We have now found my replacement and we need to get him up to speed and with the right registrations. There is no support by phone any longer (or I can't find it). So that was a long way of asking if anyone knows how I can get to NewTek and get sone of these licenses registered and working? I have 5 numbers listed on our support page along with our 5 TriCaster and VideoToaster purchases. Orig. Video Toaster, Video Toaster 2.0. VT-3 to VT-5, Original Tricaster x 2, Tricaster Studio x 2, Tricaster 455, Tricster TC-40 x 2 + 9 NewTek switchers. Also using Timewarp and a half dozen controlers.

    Any help you can provide me to finish my last retirement duty would be greatly appreciated.


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    Your best bet would probably be to hit up the support chat.

    Scroll down to the "Live Customer Support" box and hit Go Now.
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    Chat is usually the best way to resolve license issues.
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