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Thread: TC Mini 4K with Skaarhoj controllers on NDI port

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    TC Mini 4K with Skaarhoj controllers on NDI port

    We have a brand New mini 4k and a Skaarhoj fly ptz kontroller.

    Can We Connect a Camera on NDI port 1 and a Skaarhoj ptz kontroller om NDI port 2 and they can see each other?

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    The NIC ports on the Mini 4K are not bridged, a device connected into one will not see a device connected to another.

    What you can do, is plug a small switch into the port on a Mini 4K, then plug the Skaarhoj and PTZ camera into that switch.

    However, the Skaarhoj PTZ Fly, I think, needs a specific IP setup, so that might be something to deal with as well.
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    I use the Skaarhoj Pro. I run everything through a switch on the network (PTZ Cams, NDI Graphics and Skaarhoj Pro). If you install the Skaarhoj app (I load on a laptop...not the Tricaster), connect via USB to the controller and select 'IP Configuration' you just need to enter the IP address of the first PTZ and the controller will locate the rest. Ideally, if you have control of the network you can just assign a fixed IP address for everything but that isn't always possible. The app makes it relatively straight forward.


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