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Thread: Newtek Camera no longer syncing to TriCaster TC1

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    Question Newtek Camera no longer syncing to TriCaster TC1

    Hi, I updated my TC1 right before Thanksgiving. Not sure if it's related, I booted everything up this morning an my Newtek PTZ camera is not working over NDI. It looks like a sync problem. I updated the firmware on the camera, tried multiple ethernet cables and connections, rebooted both multiple times, and tried changing setting on TC1. The camera locks on for a few seconds and then the signal goes batty. Any suggestions appreciated.

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    Does the camera work inside of NDI Studio Monitor (on the TC1 or on a different system)?

    Can you capture some video of what you seeing and post it?
    Kane Peterson
    Solutions Architect
    NewTek, Inc.

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    Thanks Kane, Sorry for the late reply. Yes the camera worked fine in NDI Studio Monitor an a different Windows 10 desktop. I ended up calling support and reinstalling the latest update a couple of times. It seemed to work itself out, at least, I haven't had a problem since.

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