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Thread: Lightwave 2015 Cameras into Unreal Engine

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    Lightwave 2015 Cameras into Unreal Engine

    Hi there!
    Long time no posting
    I am currently working in a project and thinking about rendering it using Unreal Engine.
    I am succesfully exported meshes in FBX but cant get the camera to be import into Matinee as expected, as
    there is certain rotation convertion in between that is not giving me the cameras as expected.

    Anyone have this issue before?


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    I'm currently using LightWave 2019 with Unreal Engine 4 and the Unreal Bridge that was put into LightWave is BRILLIANT!
    I'd highly recommend upgrading if you can, it loads most things from LW, straight into Unreal. Even animated stuff comes through as a sequence in sequencer (not matinee, as that is old now).
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    I think someone mentioned way back that you need to rotate the camera path 90deg before exporting, not sure what way so you might have to experiment, but should be able to use the rotate camera path, im not sure if the start location will affect it either as it will probably take the rotation from the start point of the camera, but in unreal it may put the pivot at 0 so might be some fiddling at both ends, 2019 would be a much better option but you might have more work with your scene transfer (although you could just load the camera into 2019 and export that correctly)
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