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Thread: Rope Editor Plus

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    Rope Editor Plus

    Hello fellow LightWavers...

    I just wanted to share the good news that Rope Editor Plus x64 works like a charm in LW2019.

    For those that doesn't know what it is... it is a modeling tool that allows you to easily create all sorts of cabling, wires etc with such ease it is just crazy.

    It was first released in 2004, and since then the developer did some updates to it. The plugin is $50 and, dear I say, it is soo much worth it.

    Go there and get it. Show your support!
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    Not enough people talk about this plugin nor its abilities.
    LW has a lot of 'abilities' of the other programs but not much implementation of the same.

    Cheers on your holidays.
    Robert Wilson, MA Deaf Ed.
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    Thanks for sharing Cageman. I’ve emailed about Mac compatibility, waiting to hear back. I’ve no idea why NT hasn’t expanded on this and built more tools with this (dare I say it) procedural approach to modelling! The capability it clearly there.

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    I agree, it is an excellent plugin which seems to have slipped under the radar.
    I only have the demo version, as I wanted to find out if it was still current and compatible with LW2019, but I haven't had an excuse/need to purchase the full plugin.
    I should, but budgets are quite tight right now.

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    I've held my breath with each release, but it's worked just fine all along. Very useful plugin, make it one strand and it's an excellent pipe tool as well.
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    Its a fantastic tool, brought it some time ago and glad for the confirmation it still works in 2019
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    Agreed! I have got it too and do used it a lot for some of my project. Fastantic plugin!


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