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Thread: Mirroring 3 mobile phones?

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    Mirroring 3 mobile phones?

    Hi There,

    Would like to know if I can mirroring 3 different mobile phones into the Tricaster and switch between them?
    Having the Tricaster Mini AE3.
    Any ideas how?
    Is there a solution with an NDI app? or Mirroring app?

    Thank you for any help,

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    The difficult aspect with mobile devices is that 'scraping' the screen using a 3rd party app isn't allowed. This means you can't have a NDI screen sharing mobile app, you have to use what is built into the phone. That typically means using AirPlay (iOS) or MiraCast/GoogleCast (Android).

    What you need is a tool that will accept these formats and turn it into NDI.

    NewTek Connect Pro can accept AirPlay, but one source per system.

    There is a tool called AirServer that will accept all of the above formats. It can even display multiple devices at once, then use NDI Scan Converter to make it an NDI source. However, to deal with multiple devices easily, you probably want to use one device per AirServer system, otherwise you are dealing with having side by side sources which require M/E's to crop them into separate sources. You might also have to deal with what happens if you change from 1 device on screen to 2 or 3 devices.

    The last option is to get hardware receivers (AppleTV, Miracast, GoogleCast) then adapt the HDMI outputs into your TriCaster. This can have issues as well, as these devices could have HDCP on the HDMI outputs.

    Here is some additional information.
    Kane Peterson
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    NewTek, Inc.

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    Hi Kane,

    Thank you so much for the detailed explanation. really appreciate it.

    Didn't hear before about AirServer - its a great solution.

    I downloaded AirServer - managed to mirror 3 phones (Androids) on the same server. (couldn't open 3 instances on the same laptop - will try next a VMware).
    Through NDI Scan Converter brought them all to the Tricaster and crop as you said each one to the right M/E's - it does work but needs to check for stability for the mirroring. sometimes one of the phones didn't mirror well.

    I did install AirServer on second laptop and works great - stable.

    Still need to solve the audio video coming to the Tricaster - its stuttering...

    Thank you again Kane,


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    Very Cool...

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