I thought I had placing ies lights into geometry using Luxigons, etc. semi figured out, but as it turns out that was largely a coinkydink. Works fine if the lights are pointing straight down but if they're angled, not so much. I've some focused trac lighting this time that I'd rather not have to do entirely by hand.

Here's what I mean: A test with an exploded box & Luxigons created in Modeler. First using the default distant light, next a spot light,& then a MR-16 ies profile. First two make sense.
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Although I guess there's a method of some sort in their madness, I've no idea what the ies lights are aligning to, let alone how to control it. I've always found them quirky. Their on-screen overlay fortunately shows where they're pointing, but not if you try to F5 view thru the light as you can with the native lights that have direction.

Any suggestions or techniques?