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Thread: Behind the Scenes with UE4ís Next-Gen Virtual Production Tools | (amazing)

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    Behind the Scenes with UE4ís Next-Gen Virtual Production Tools | (amazing)

    Epic Games has partnered with Lux Machina, Magnopus, Profile Studios, Quixel, ARRI, and DP Matt Workman to put the latest virtual production toolset in Unreal Engine 4.23 through its paces. In this video, we take a more in-depth look at how all of the tools come together to present exciting new opportunities for innovative filmmaking.
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    Yes. Its really cool how the on-set camera movements can translate the perspective of the background CGI in realtime. And perhaps, more importantly, the global lighting from the CGI scene can affect the on-set lighting directly, not just show up in the reflections or "light wrap". It's amazing that we can render that much geometry, at high resolution, in realtime now. No more keying of difficult things like wispy hair, transparent objects, etc.

    It definitely puts the pressure more on the directors to figure out what they want to do, instead of a "fix it in post" attitude. Although, I'm sure that will still happen.

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    Great video. Wonderful to see various technologies coming together to open up new possibilities in VFX.

    I was particularly impressed by the backdrop reacting to the camera movement.

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    That was a very well crafted tech demo.


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