Hi. We had various models of tricasters for many years and have finally just upgraded to the TC-1. The change of the h.264 recording from the record tab to the stream tab is a major disruption to our workflow. We have a regular event that requires that we stream non-stop, but also record shorter h.264 clips from numerous segments WITHOUT stoping the stream. This was always easy with every other model of Tricaster we have had since it was in the record tab. Now it seems this is impossible without stopping and starting the stream every time we need to record a clip. Anyone know a way we can still achieve what we need to do? We have even tried simply recording a higher quality format and then exporting those clips to h.264 clips but NONE of the presets in the export settings are stable or high quality enough as the mp4 files the Tricaster makes in the stream tab. To have to use a separate piece of gear to either stream or record the h.264 mp4s seems ridiculous considering we just dropped 20k on this and we have done it with older, cheaper models. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Newtek, please add this feature into any upcoming software revisions: to be able to control the stream and recording of h.264 files is very important. Thanks!