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Thread: FULL NDI vs NDI HX

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    I am about to take the plunge and buy four NDI cameras for my studio.

    Several years ago I heard Dr. Cross from Newtek say that NDI-HX delivered the same quality of image as regular old FULL NDI except for two things:
    1. NDI-HX used less bandwidth 20MB vs 140MB
    2. the NDI-HX has more latency due to encoding long chains of data....this higher latency being the cost of keeping the image the same quality of FULL NDI.

    All in all, he strongly implied that the images were identical.

    Now that I am shopping for Cameras I see that some companies make a big deal that their signals and converters are FULL NDI. Other companies like PTZ Optics make a big deal that the images are pristine with NDI-HX

    So here is my question.

    For a small studio (4 cameras) with plenty of bandwidth (10GB dedicated ethernet) is there an advantage in going with "FULL NDI?"

    If all of the cameras are NDI-HX the latency will be consistently higher, but, isn't that not a big deal if they are all the same latency?

    Please help me with advice. I am ready to purchase these cameras now; but, can't seem to find a straight answer on this.

    Thank you very much,


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    The main advantage of high bandwidth NDI is latency. It is one frame or less, giving you similar performance to SDI in operation. If you are going to mix SDI and NDI sources together, this will allow operation without having to think about latency when going between sources.

    NDI-HX latency is a bit dependent of the H.264 encoding chips in the device, some are a little faster than others, but all are going to have some amount of latency. As long as you have devices from the same maker set to the same video format, than the latency between them will be the same.

    A four camera setup doesn't need 10Gb Ethernet be it high bandwidth NDI or NDI-HX.
    Kane Peterson
    Solutions Architect
    NewTek, Inc.

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