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Thread: LW 2019 1.3 and win 10 problem (error 0x000007b)

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    LW 2019 1.3 and win 10 problem (error 0x000007b)

    Hi guys. I just installed Lightwave 2019 1.3 on a new win 10 laptop and It doesn't want to start (both modeler and layout), the message: error 0x000007b, application was unable to start. I googled It without any sucess... anybody has got and idea of what's happening?
    Thank you.

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    I'd suggest getting the 1.4 release & try that. Seem to recall some issues with 1.3 if you've an older install.
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    Yeap, that solved the problem. Even on win 7, 2019.1.3 acts weird (refuses my license)
    Thank you!


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