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Thread: Restart interrupted Facebook stream

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    Restart interrupted Facebook stream

    Is it possible to restart the same Facebook streaming session after exiting/restarting a Live Production session?

    For example:
    - I begin a new session in TriCaster and start streaming to Facebook
    - I need to end the session (for whatever reason, usually a technical glitch)
    - After going back into the same TriCaster session, I'd like to restart the same Facebook streaming session, not start a different one (so that the viewer doesn't have to go find the new stream link)

    My setup:
    TriCaster 460
    I start Facebook streaming using the built-in Facebook Stream profile


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    I don't think you can with the plugin. The plugin generates a new post each time you get started. If instead you use the RTMPS streaming with a generic custom connection and manually created Facebook post, you might have a small window to resume the stream before Facebook decides you are gone and ends it anyway.

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