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Thread: AE3 UI bug when editing title text

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    AE3 UI bug when editing title text

    I have been using the latest version of AE3 for the last couple of weeks on an 8000. All in all, it's fine.

    HOWEVER, I've come across a bug that randomly blanks out most of the user interface when I edit a title's text. The system continues to run and returns to normal once the text edit is completed and another click is made in the UI somewhere.

    The first time this happened it really threw me. And, even though I know that all is working, it's still very unnerving.

    See attached images for just before (for reference) and while a title text is edited:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20191117_152514.jpg 
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ID:	146292Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20191117_152529.jpg 
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    Keep in mind, this is random … I can't seem to replicate to get it come up. Once it does, though, it's pretty much a certainty that any further text editing will trigger it. There are no other errors and none in the new notification area.

    I've never put in a Fogbugz entry so I'm not even sure where to start with this.

    Thanks for any input on this. Maybe fixed in next release?

    Fritz Golman
    Museum of Broadcast Communications

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    I have also been experiencing this issue... and yes it is very unnerving when you are live.

    I reported the issue in Fogbugz and was given access to a beta build of the next version. I have not had the issue while running the beta version.



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