I have two display-related questions regarding Drag and Set Value operations that I’ve noticed for years, but never seen asked here before.

When modeling, I prefer to keep the polys as quads. As is normal, non-planar polys occur and I fix them as I go, to avoid spending an excessive amount of time removing a lot more as they pile up.
I use the Statistics panel tool in Polygon selection mode to identify and highlight the non-planar quads, then activate the Drag tool to align the offending points, watching the non-planar poly count decrease as I go. Most of the time, the process goes really fast.

My question concerns the Statistics panel display of the Non-Planar poly count. When the non-planar polys are selected, the number is highlighted. As I drag a point around, it may decrement (or increment) as I repair (or create) non-planar polys. Sometimes, the number will ghost or change to black (displaying the same number of non-planar polys) – while moving a particular point. Does anyone know what the color changes represent?

My second question relates to a Set Value display-related behavior I’ve often wondered what the cause is:

After positioning the cursor on the desired spot to generate an X / Y / Z axis value in the lower/left corner to subsequently move a highlighted Point / Edge / or Poly using the Set Value command, usually the axis values stay locked when the Set Value panel is activated. I use the cursor to select the axis, then enter the axis value in the Value entry field by referring to the numbers displayed in the lower / left corner Position value. At other times, as soon as I select the desired Axis, the Position Values in the lower / left of the screen disappear. Does anyone know what causes this?

Thanks in advance,